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Over the last year, more than 100 million American households experienced a financial shock. This year the Financial Solutions Lab’s second $3 million challenge was seeking solutions that could help Americans to weather such shocks. The result? 356 applicants with access to over 4.2 million consumers. After combing through the applications and choosing nine winners, one thing is clear — we are seeing consumer fintech mature in front of our eyes. 

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CFSI convenes a network of engaged, committed financial services providers that are committed to strengthening consumer financial health.  We connect people with research, ideas, funding, and each other to lead the nation in innovation solutions for the marketplace. We care about the financial health of everyone, especially the underbanked and the underserved, traditionally an overlooked segment of the financial services market.

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Financial Health

How does the financial services industry collaborate to improve the financial health of the 57% of Americans struggling financially?


Payments is a rapidly changing area of the industry with great potential to increase the financial health of financially underserved Americans.


How can consumers save money when they are struggling to cover monthly expenses?


For ten years, CFSI has been conducting research and seeding innovations to answer the question: What if people got the credit they deserve?

Consumer & Market Analysis

Consumer research lays the foundation for product design and public policy.

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