10th Anniversary

In 2004, we founded CFSI with the goal of creating change in the financial services industry to better serve the underbanked. This April we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, shining a spotlight on our accomplishments and the top innovations of our partners. As we reflect on the birth of our organization and the vision we had in 2004, we'll take you through a series of 10 key questions that shaped the major themes from our past decade together with some of the most innovative players in the marketplace. 

Each of these questions leads to a story of how, together with our influential network, we changed the marketplace for the better by tracking trends, informing product development, seeding new ideas, and investing in innovative companies. Together with our partners, we have created a set of guiding principles for building high-quality financial products and convened cross-sector groups to identify best practices; we have invested more than $30 million in fin tech startups and nonprofit-led innovations; we founded the nation’s premier conference on the underbanked, convening a diverse marketplace for sharing approaches and stimulating new ideas; we developed a deeper understanding of the needs of consumers through groundbreaking original research; and we have advised some of the largest brands in the financial services industry on products and strategy development.

These stories have yet to end; each one sets a vision of where we're headed, a direction for the future. Are you ready to make it happen?
Impact Story #1: How can technology innovations benefit those who need them the most?

Impact Story #2: What if we got the right people talking to each other?

Impact story #3: What if we invested in the most promising innovations we found?

Impact story #4: What if prepaid debit cards became a bridge to financial stability?

Impact story #5: What if we rewarded good financial behavior? 

Impact story #6: What if people got the credit they deserve?

Impact story #7: What if we created tools to turn financial education into true capability?

Impact story #8: How can we change the paradigm of financial capability?

Impact story #9: What if we defined quality in financial services?

Impact story #10: What if the opportunity is greater than we thought?

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