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CFSI addresses an $138B marketplace that is not adequately serving the needs of more than 68 million Americans today*. To catalyze improvements in the industry, CFSI produces proprietary content to further quantify and promote key information relative to consumer financial health in the US.

DSC_0104.jpgConsumer and market research lays the foundation for product design, industry innovations, and public policy. Since our founding, CFSI has conducted groundbreaking consumer and market analysis, compiled relevant research and case studies, and identified industry best practices. Our researchers translate our findings into market analysis summaries, actionable opportunities, as well as strategies and solutions for the wide range of players across the financial services industry.

Top Resources

2016 Financially Underserved Market Size Study explores the approximately $141 billion in fees and interest spent by financially underserved consumers in the U.S. during 2015 to borrow, spend, save, and plan across 28 financial products.

Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America is our groundbreaking report on the state of financial health in America.

Financial Health Consumer Segments take an interactive look at the four financially struggling segments.

Consumer Financial Health Study Brief paints a portrait of consumer financial health in America. 

2012 Financially Underserved Market Size Study reveals a market that is growing and ripe for investment and innovation.

U.S. Financial Diaries provides insights such as consumer need profiles and household financial activity information.

Managing Third-Party Relationships - This Compass Advisory Note offers recommendations for how to use the Compass Principles to actively manage third-party relationships.

Design Matters: Learning from Consumers’ Experiences  with Small-Dollar Loans provides into smart product design to drive successful loan outcomes for consumers and providers.

Know Your Borrower: The Four Need Cases of Small-Dollar Credit Consumers explores the financial needs that drive borrowers’ demand for credit—the necessary starting point for a detailed understanding of the consumer and the marketplace.

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