Seeding Innovation

Ten years ago, CFSI recognized that great changes in technology and financial services held the potential for improving peoples’ lives. There was an opportunity to reach underserved consumers in a cost-effective manner and to improve the customer experience. CFSI saw promising innovations but recognized that smart capital was oftentimes lacking. So CFSI made a commitment to fostering innovative ideas in the marketplace and equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they would need to succeed. We asked: What if we invested in the most promising innovations we found?Over time, that commitment grew from equity investments in FinTech companies to ideation and incubation competitions and more.

Over the past 10 years, CFSI has built an ecosystem of innovators, programmers, organizations, and professionals of all types working to harness the potential of financial technology that improve consumers’ financial lives. Further, we leveraged what was initially a $500,000 fund in 2007 to over $30 million invested in companies that have both a social and financial impact.

Direct Investments in Innovative Business

Leveraging the power of our network, CFSI brought together investors that wanted to identify and nurture exciting young companies; in 2007 we launched CFSI Catalyst Fund L. P. Building off that success, three years later, Core Innovation Capital was established as a new company and a strategic partner of CFSI.

Core carries on the work that Catalyst began, investing in early growth stage, for-profit financial technology companies with a clear management team, a disruptive business model with the ability to achieve significant scale, and a solid commitment to serving low- and moderate-income consumers.

Portfolio companies benefit from CFSI’s consumer insights, broad network and reach. And CFSI and Core are able to help scale the positive social impact the companies are making on the lives of consumers.


CFSI Innovation Labs works with social entrepreneurs to cultivate banking innovations that will directly improve consumer access, convenience, decision-making, and product selection.

Financial Solutions Lab brings together innovators from the fields of technology, behavioral economics, nonprofit services and design to provide guidance, share best practices and develop scalable financial product solutions. The Financial Solutions Lab is launching a series of competitions for social entrepreneurs to identify and enhance tech-enabled innovations that address consumer needs.

The Financial Capability Innovation Funds, managed by CFSI, supports promising nonprofit-led projects designed to help consumers better manage their finances and achieve financial health.

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Blog published on November 20, 2014
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