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President Clinton's Kick Off of the 5th Annual Financial Services Forum

President Bill Clinton gave introductory remarks for the kick off of the 5th Annual Financial Services Forum in 2010.

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Core Innovation Capital Launches Second Annual Core Underbanked Innovators Challenge

Finalists to receive prime-time industry visibility; Winner to be elected in real-time by top industry executives; to receive exposure and $10,000 prize 

NEW YORK, Mar 05, 2012-- Core Innovation Capital (Core) announced today the launch of the second annual "Core Underbanked Innovators Challenge" ...

Wall Street Journal: Gary Kremen’s New Venture, Sociogramics, Wants To Make Banking Human Again

The Center for Financial Services Innovation's and Core Innovation Capital's report Underbanked Market Data was mentioend in the Wall Street Journal this week. Entrepreneur Gary Kremen started Sociogramics to help people get better treatment from banks as well as helping banks improve their public ...

The Year of the Saver Webinar Recording Now Available

CFSI Webinar "The Year of the Saver: Savings Innovations for Underserved Consumers" was held on January 26, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. CST. The webinar was sponsored by Wells Fargo. 

CFSI held a private webinar for members of CFSI's Roundtables including Innovators Roundtable, Underbanked ...

Joshua Sledge to Present on Center for Financial Security Webinar

Joshua Sledge, Analyst, Innovation and Research, will be presenting his research during the monthly Center for Financial Security webinar on February 14, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Along with other presenters from UW-Madison and Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Sledge will be speaking on CFSI's research on payday lending and alternative financial providers.

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Bank Systems and Technology: Do Banks Deserve What's Coming to Them?

The Underbanked Market Size report, released by CFSI and Core Innovation Capital, was referenced in an article Bank Systems and Technology, revealing the huge number of consumers untouched by the banking system. The article discusses changes in market conditions, the effects of the ...

GetDebit: New Knowledge Brief Released Investigating Underbanked Marketplace

The New Underbanked Market Data Knowledge Brief released by Core Innovation Capital and CFSI was referenced in an article on GetDebit. This article summarized that credit, payment and deposits are the three main categories of services provided by financial institutions and also noted the ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Banks May Have Opportunity with Underserved Market

The New Underbanked Market Data Knowledge Brief released by CFSI and Core Innovation Capital was highlighted last week in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Arjan Schütte, Senior Advisor, CFSI, states in the article that one out of every four consumers are classified ...

Banking Strategy: Using Customer Data to Serve the Underbanked

CFSI's Josh Turnbull, Managing Consultant, Advisory Services, was featured in BAI's Banking Strategies.

In this article, Turnbull points out the that many financial institutions have fully realized the importance of serving the underserved, and are now committing to the next steps of action. ...

Inside Microfinance: Underserved Represent Huge Opportunity

CFSI and Core Innovation Capital recently released a Knowledge Brief revealing that unbanked and underbanked generated about $455 billion in loans, payments and deposits for nonbank financial services providers in 2010. This new data confirms that there is a huge opportunity ...

David Newville and Arjan Schutte Present at Prepaid Expo

Several CFSI Employees are presenting on Market Research Roundtables at the Prepaid Expo in Las Vegas Nevada on March 13, 2012.

David Newville, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Financial Services Innnovation will be presenting on Prepaid Disclosure Research.

Arjan Schütte, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital, & Sr. Advisor, Center for Financial Services Innnovation in the same session, will be presenting on Underbanked Market Potential.

David Newville Presenting at Prepaid Expo

David Newville, Senior Policy Analyst, CFSI, will be presenting at the Prepaid Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Newville will be presenting Market Research on the topic "The Fate of Payroll Cards: Restrictions and Regulations Across the US".


His session will also include

• Determining the future of the Payroll card across the US

• Fallout from the California bill…what states are watching and what was learned from the experience

• How legislation will change how payroll card programs are structured

• Payroll card functionality that will be affected as programs seek exemptions.

New Underbanked Market Data from Core Innovation Capital and CFSI

by Arjan Schütte

CFSI and Core Innovation Capital released new data about the 2010 underbanked market size. The results demonstrate that there is not only a substantial need for financial products and services to serve the underbanked population, but a significant revenue opportunity in providing ...

Highlights from the Sixth Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum 2011

The Sixth Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum held on June 8-10, 2011 provided an occasion to discuss the ideas, technology, partnerships and policies that are transforming the market. The conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, brought together leaders from diverse institutions and ...

New Wal-Mart Kiosks Present Threat to Banks

CFSI's 6th Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum is mentioned in this American Banker article about Wal-Mart's new banking kiosks. Wal-Mart will begin rolling out automated versions of its MoneyCenter offices, which provide a range of financial services to shoppers.  The "MoneyCenter in ...