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Blog published on October 16, 2014

Making Finance a Force for Good—
For the Consumer and Your Organization

Core Member Perspective
At GlobeOne, we are committed to breaking down financial barriers and offering everyone
access to simple, affordable financial tools regardless of where they live or how much they
make. Joining CFSI’s Network represents a significant step that will support our progress
toward that goal. 
— Michael Wolper, CMO, GlobeOne

        How GlobeOne plans to share customer rewards among its global userbase.

Joining the CFSI Financial Health Network as a Core Member is a one-of-a-kind, invitation-only opportunity that seeks organizations eager to engage in a national dialogue about consumer financial health and to help accelerate consumer-focused innovation.

For Core Members, CFSI is the gateway to gaining a competitive advantage. We deliver:  
  • Insight into what the marketplace needs by providing advanced consumer and industry research, fact-based advice and proven insights.
  • Perspective based on our established reputation, decisive and respected voice on consumer financial needs and deep well of research and experience.
  • Connection by providing members a seat at the table of financial services innovation and thought leadership, where they can see and be seen by other leaders and influencers.

The Network provides Core Members a meeting ground where those who pursue the same goals can gather, discuss their perspectives and challenges, and learn from the strategies and experiences of fellow members.
Network Core Members Enjoy a Range of Benefits

Valuable opportunities to connect and learn

  • CFSI’s annual EMERGE Forum every June

  • Network Summit every October

  • Participation in topic-focused working groups

  • Network receptions around U.S. 

  • Digital Network member contact list

Exclusive CFSI research 

  • Dispatch from D.C. policy reports
  • Expanded, members-only analytics of our key public research:
    • Annual Financially Underserved Market Size Study
    • Prepaid Industry Scorecard
    • Five product-focused modules derived from the Consumer Financial Health Study‚Äč
Resources to advance your financial health strategy
  • Dedicated CFSI Relationship Manager who facilitates access to data and research, subject-matter experts, and connections to innovators
  • Private Industry Deep Dive annual briefing 
  • Access to informal advice
  • Public recognition of your participation in the CFSI Network
  • Opportunities to participate in ad hoc events (e.g., panels, speaking, workshops, closed-door sessions, C-level dinners, and more)

If these opportunities and resources would benefit your organization, request an invitation to join the CFSI Financial Health Network as a Core Member today.

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Who Can Join?

We extend invitations to organizations we believe have an important role to play in creating an outcomes-based financial services marketplace and that are eager to actively engage in a national dialogue about improving consumer financial health.

The Network is designed to facilitate the efforts of organizations that:
  • Are committed to being part of the movement to improve consumer financial health for their customers.
  • Recognize finance can be a force of good in consumer’s lives
  • Have the ability to scale – profitably.
  • Believe long-term customer value is derived by taking care of a consumer’s financial health today.
  • See consumer financial health as a strategy to differentiate and add customer value.


What Network Membership Does Not Mean

CFSI does not:

  • Endorse members or their products/ services.
  • Represent Network member interests with policymakers or regulators.
  • Extend the privilege of Network membership to organizations that seek the above as outcomes of membership. We reserve the right to decide which organizations belong in our Network.

Members do not have any control over CFSI’s agenda, research, or any public policy positions CFSI may take.