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How We Serve Our Clients

We employ market and consumer insights to develop a tailored approach to building sustainable, long-term business models that meet consumer needs.

 Learn how we helped Oportun re-imagine the true cost of a loan so customers can thrive.


Setting the Stage

Underserved/ Underbanked Introduction Workshop

Just breaking into the underserved space? As an early pioneer in defining "underbanked" market, we will introduce your organization to this segment leveraging our extensive and proprietary research.

Financial Health Introduction Workshop

New to financial health? CFSI is the authority on consumer financial health. Building on our foundation of original research in the space, we will help your organization understand what it is, what it means, and how to take advantage of opportunities it offers. We will also help you define your organization’s role in financial health and articulate your overall goal.

Enterprise Opportunity Assessment

Not sure what your next move should be? Our team will perform extensive analysis on how you can better meet your existing customers' needs, or increase your offerings to appeal to new markets. We will also look at the feasibility for each opportunity and provide recommendations.

Custom Market Research

Have open questions that are holding up your strategies? Our team will get you the answers through deep dives on the industry, competitive landscape, and consumer needs.

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Regulatory Environment Landscaping

Trying to navigate the regulatory landscape and players that pertain to your business or offerings? Leveraging our relationships in D.C., we help clients stay abreast of recent regulatory and compliance developments and understand what changes mean for their product suite. 

Product Design & Business Case Development

Want to understand how to best design your product for consumer success and sustainability?  We use our framework for product quality -- the Compass Principles-- and our deep private sector experience to evaluate new or existing products. Our process optimizes design, identifies gaps, and offers improvements to benefit your customers and your bottom line. 

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