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How We Serve Our Clients

We leverage consumer insights, Compass Principles, and proprietary research, to design high-quality solutions that align with organizational goals and improve financial health.

 Learn how we helped Opportunity Finance Network redefine an awards strategy to elevate consumer financial health.


Financial Capability Content Development

Creating educational content to supplement your product offerings? Leveraging our vast knowledge of programs that have failed and those that have been successful, our team will work with you on what guidance is needed to complement the access to products, for successful consumer outcomes. Watch Video

Solution Ideation

Stuck on the development of an individual product or service? Our team will help lead your organization through brainstorming and “ideation” on who your target consumer will be, infusing our proprietary research, and then generate product ideas that will promote their success.

Stakeholder and Consumer Advocate Convening

Need a clearer view of who your stakeholders are? Even more, do you need to get them all in a room? Our team has extensive experience in bringing together diverse parties and even competitors around a common cause.

Through years of executing successful events, we will not only ensure a productive conversation, but that every attendee has a quality experience.

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Solution Design and Prototyping

Do you want a recommendation for what your end product should look like? Our team will take an inventory of similar products in your market and define the spectrum of features available for your product from different vendors, to advise on your solution’s differentiating qualities.

We will also infuse our proprietary Compass quality design framework into our solution, to ensure your offering’s integrity.

Tailored “FinX” Workshop

FinX, an in-the-field activity, is an opportunity to gain valuable firsthand insights and understanding of the complexity of consumers’ financial lives.

Over the course of a half or full-day workshop, participants complete real transactions at providers in local neighborhoods, and then use their insights to develop ideas for new products or determine internal strategy.

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